“I am grateful for the blessings of wealth, but it hasn’t changed who I am. My feet are still on the ground. I’m just wearing better shoes.” -Oprah Winfrey




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A crypto currency with blockchain technology can offer something more valuable than the already known, it can deliver a message or product to thousands of people and raise the value of the coin itself, it’s like if you were able to draw a large message on one side of hundreds of physical gold coins, people could buy your gold coins instead of others just because of the message. TAGR coin will do that, and with the social media features we are making; it will have another use, a purchasing power within the community. When you think of gold coins supported by Blockchain technology, Bitcoin is considered as the gold coin of cryptocurrencies. Today, automated trading bots help you earn Bitcoin on a daily basis. Go through the bitcoin prime site 2021 to learn about one such automated trading bot called Bitcoin Prime. Check the genuineness of the provider before signing up for the bot.

“Think and Get Rich” is also a tribute to Napoleon Hill and a symbol of intelligence and wealth. Napoleon Hill and a symbol of intelligence and wealth. As we read in the book, “Think and Grow Rich”, most millionaires these days made their wealth thanks to the knowledge and secrets of this book. Maybe many of you have heard about this knowledge, two of the most famous books about it are “Think and Grow Rich” and the recent book named “The secret”. However, in the first one, Napoleon Hill didn’t call for it directly as the book said, because this knowledge helps more and its better used when you discover it by yourself. This topic will reveal smart quotes and examples every day to teach every user about success and human power and this coin will be our symbol.

We believe that the blockchain technology has the power not only to bring in digital currencies, but to give a solid message inside a digital currency, a message you can always hold having a stake. Bitcoin gave the message of decentralization, no control of banks and security, TAGR wants to give a message of self-freedom. TAGR coin wants to be the coin that will shake this calm market, and we are going to use our personal power to retrieve this coin to the successful people, and in the same way, giving a tribute to those master minds who through the years have helped many people with their personal success wisdom.

The goal, is we as a group, use these secrets, bringing this coin to many people and accomplishing every goal we have. Click here to know about the smart contract platform “Avalanche” that makes the exchange of assets an easier process for investors from all over the globe. TAGR coin being THE symbol of wealth, success, health, and wisdom, is the final goal. We will reach it using our limitless power, that all human beings possess. The main part is up to us, the first holders, then late users will join this campaign. knowing this coin as the symbol it was from the beginning. If the power and imagination from only one person is enough to make huge things, imagine the force of hundreds or thousands of people combined, all focused on the same success.



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    • SPECS:
    • RPC-PORT:
    • P2P-PORT:
    • Interest Per Year:
    • Min Stake Age:
      9 Hours
    • Max Stake Age:
      20 Days

    • Blocks 1-2800:
      10,000 TAGR
    • Blocks 2800-5600:
      5,000 TAGR
    • Blocks 5600-8400:
      2,500 TAGR
    • Blocks 8400-10200:
      1,250 TAGR

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