The Compass

For you been able to understand the compass i would like to begin showing a very interesting study made in the 90s, the famous Doctor Antony Robbins used the science of neuro linguistic programming to see what was inside the mind of 5,000 millionaires and 5,000 unsuccessful men, this such interesting study published on the best-seller Limitless Power, demonstrated that the subconscious mind of a millionaire and unsuccessful people work totally different, the unsuccessful have their subconscious mind filled with huge, shiny and notorious images of all the failures on their lives, the memories of their success are just tiny unfocused images on black/white maintained on some hidden place, did you see?, the minds of the unsuccessful are focused on the failure, the winners however, have their mind filled with big shiny and enthusiastic images of their achievements and wishes, and their errors and failures are just tiny and blurred images in a corner on their minds, as you can see the minds of unsuccessful are focused on the failure and poverty while the millionaires are focused on the success and wealth. to be continued..

Then, tell me something, isn’t that investigation demonstrating what the most important Doctors said in the movie “The Secret” ?, in that movie they teach that firstly: the things you say or think with words, secondly: imagine and third : feel, you attract these things to your life by the law of attraction, you will see that they taught that. And well, seeing the investigations of Antony Robbins, it looks that at least on-the-paper,we need to accept the theory seems to be corresponding with reality, isn’t it?, because the most advanced studies from the human mind are showing us that who think,imagine and feel bad things; lives a negative life, and who think, imagine and feel good things; lives a good life, that’s what the science is telling us.

Is very important to know this reality because we were deceived, we were led to believe all that of positive thinking were foolish things, and all that wasn’t realistic was a madness without sense, do you see why were led to think like that?, but if we see the reality at the light of science we see all that of the law of attraction and being positive is not any madness, because at least on the paper we are seeing a pattern, we already saw that in the reality of the world we live in, the only who live with wealth are the ones who are so positive that think,imagine and feel riches inside them 24 hours a day, if you look you will see the studies from Napoleon Hill from more than one century ago that included the 500 most wealthy man from that time and 5,000 unsuccessful men, it demonstrated exactly the same.

Principle of energetic resonance.

Practically every scientist is working with the energy resonance principle every day, even more the telecommunications scientists, you are using it too but you may not know it, you are using this principle every time you use the radio or watch tv, Marconi discovered the radio when he applied this ancient principle known thousands of years ago to the electromagnetic energy, process that nobody had done before him.

On the movie The Secret we can see how the most important Doctors , Philosophers and Writers apply this principle to the Bioenergy that emits their bodies every time they feel intense positive thoughts, the principle of the energetic resonance works this way: imagine you have a Diapason , a diapason is an audio instrument that emits a whistle just in the exact sonorous frequency, now imagine you put this diapason in a room filled with thousands of more different diapasons but from those thousands; just the one vibrating at the same frequency as yours; will vibrate, this means only the one being exactly the same as yours will vibrate, but all the rest will remain in silence, this is the energetic resonance principle.

You know there are hundreds of radio channels being emitted on the sky, each one with a unique and exact frequency , if you want to hear the 88.7 and you syntonize the 99.9 you won’t hear your radio station, in no other frequency you will hear what you want but only on the 88.7 because it is the correct energetic resonance for that station, the same is with the satellite tv, you need to tune in the exact channel number resonance to see your favorite channel. When you think , speak and feel, you are using electromagnetic energy, sonorous energy and bioenergy to emit an energetic frequency to the world and as the principle of energetic resonance is applied to all energies then the only scientifically possible is only what having the same energetic frequency you have thinking, speaking and feeling will resonate to you, the science is telling us that nothing more can happen, only that, only the same can resonate. To be continued..

Your Compass.

Every successful man have this compass, all the great figures of all time have used this compass, this compass is an ancient as the humanity himself, from kings to religion or wise men since the ancient Egypt, all the actual rich entrepreneurs have used this compass. In recent years, Andrew Carnegie when he was a child received this compass from an elder Druid in Ireland; the elder Druid was not using this compass for money but for other activities like healing persons or coexisting with the nature, Mr. Carnegie didn’t become a Druid but emigrated to the United States and tried to use this compass to get money, his success was so big that he became the richest man from that time, many countries had less money than what Carnegie had in the bank and the most surprising is Andrew Carnegie made his fortune buying and selling steel but he often used to argue that he knew nothing from the steel industry, all the success came from the used of his beloved compass.

When he was old he started to feel selfish to use this knowledge only for himself and one day, when the young Napoleon Hill interviewed him; Carnegie showed the compass to Napoleon and he remained astonished, Carnegie only asked that in exchange he should prove and research that all the great man use this compass, Napoleon Hill was so thankful that he spent 20 years studying the 500 most richest men from his time and 5000 unsuccessful to prove that every men achieving success had a compass, all of them, every single man from the first group had and used this compass, like Rockefeller, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham bell and the study also proved that no one of the 5000 unsuccessful had a compass, they didn’t even know what a compass is and if you put a compass in front of them they were not able to comprehend the enormous power they had in front. Napoleon Hill himself became a millionaire with the use of this compass and made huge achievements like having strong friendships with very important people in those years, Napoleon Hill revealed this secret on the book Think and Grow Rich but it never was mentioned directly, like he said, he only left tracks so all the hearth-prepared people should would be able to discover it by themselves.

The compass and every successful man have used is this, have you seen how the sailors use their compasses to not get lost in the middle of the sea?, the sailors compass tells them in what direction their are going, our compasses do the same, it tells us in what direction we are going but not physically, it tells us to where we are moving IN TIME, the feelings you have in the solar-plexus direction of your body; that is your compass, tells you if you are moving into happiness, riches and great times but it also tells you if you are going to sadness, sorrow and poverty, do you see how all the people going in the wrong direction and having a poor and unhappy life is because they don’t know about this compass and they aim its arrow to those things instead of the life they would like?.

Most people who read “the secret” didn’t became successful straight after it because that book don’t teach the most important thing to know about this, that book and movie only describes the strategy to something like this “visualize your goals, feel good/better for some minutes and you will get these things in a matter of months/days” but this isn’t how this works, they are missing the most important thing: Time, this won’t work for doing it only 5 or 10 minutes a day!, even for 2 hours!.. this must be do most hours you can!, all the day. For example, when people change because of some event on their lives, people say hey changed because all the time they are different!, they can’t say “he is different 40% of the time, but the other 60% is the same” Smiley, so you will receive the things you love most once you start thinking different most of your time not 5 minutes.

I will make an example about all the “feeling” good, visualizing and thinking positive strategies, think about it on this way:
Imagine that you have a nice car and you are on the middle of a highway, once you visualized your goal, it became a real thing on the north horizon 20 miles away, so every moment you feel good on vibration with your goal, you start driving your car into the goal direction, the more feeling and energy you have, the more fast you go.. it’s just about time on this situation, the most radical and crystallized are the ideas or facts you wanna change is the more time they will take to become real, but you will receive them for sure!

But EVERY moment you stop feeling equally with your desires, you are stopping your car, turning back and driving to the opposite direction! That’s why most people never achieve their goals even using those books, they drive 30% to the north (goal) but 70% to the south!!!, they will never get there!, you have to surpass the point of inflection by thinking and feeling according to your goals more than 51%. You see how easy winning is? Then i will show you an easy way to not only drive your car to the north most of your time (this part is easy, just DO it) but to drive it with a “huge speed”, like if you were paying something with cent coins and you just start paying it with 100 usd bills.

Once it came to see me a very afflicted man, he was married for 10 years with his precious wife and had
childrens but he was receiving a very bad relationship coming from his wife, she was all the day screaming
to him and they were fighting at least once a day. Then this man meet another woman, this was his dream
woman, she had all the qualities he always wanted, all the qualities missing on his wife, she was lovely with him
all the day and she was always there when he need her.

This man then came to me and asked what should he do to solve this situation, he told me his wife was only
giving him head aches all the day but as he was a good man and he still was loving her, he was disposed
to endure this situation even if it meant to remain unhappy for all his life, when he came to me he
had stopped seeing the new woman he meet.

They already have consulted tens of doctors, psychologists and experts in marital relationships but they were
still unable to find a solution.

Then my advice was the following:

– All problems with your wife were caused by you, because you have your Compass unfocused, use the
new girl you meet as a symbol to hold all the day, every time you walk imagine this girl is with you, if your wife screams you or she starts complaining imagine this girl is
right to you to support you and making feel you better.

He thought I wanted him to cheat her and he was upset but he was not meeting this new girl anymore
and as he was a good student he did what i told him.

He started to imagine this lovely girl right to him all the day, if he was fighting with his wife at the end
there was this girl consoling him and telling to not worry, on his work he imagined this girl too all the day caring of what he may need.

One night he had a fight so big with his wife that he ended with rage and feeling very impotence,
they both went to bed and right after it he started to imagine this new girl was on the opposite side
of the bed from wife making him to forget all the bad day and fights with his wife.

The next day his wife received him with a big hug and told him she had made a fabulous dinner
for the best husband on the world, he could not believe what he was hearing, then she told him to
go bed and she did him things that not even a professional could do.

The miracle was manifested and his wife starting acting like when she was his girlfriend, a problem that
no one of all the experts they have consulted could solve, he realized all this bad life was caused only by keeping his Compass unfocused continously.

Money maker

What is to be rich? Or what means to be rich?

To be rich is not always what everybody think, being rich is just to think in different way, to feel in different way and reacting to life in different way.
Is not to have money! , money is just the physical evidence of that state, is what comes after you change your vibration.
If you just receive a big amount of money and you don’t have this mindset of being rich, it will mostly deliver you suffering
and you will end even more poor and unhappy than before.

To be rich is: thinking and acting positive, feeling the abundace around us, feeling the riches, feeling our inside power, knowing love as what it is:
the highest and more powerful feeling we have, to feel limitless. Now do you see why when most self-made entrepeneurs go broke or lose their
wealth for a crisis or “bad luck” , they make again that wealth very quick and most times they end with more money than what they had?
They understood the riches and power are inside them and the money is just the physical evidence.

-Isaac: Tagr team

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